With prices starting at RM590+, you can get a private room and bathroom in Sunway!

Laundry Area Provided

There is a shared laundry area with washer and dryer for all.

Cleaning Service Included

We have a cleaning service to clean up the place for you weekly.

Cooking Area Provided

Prep and cook up your own meals in our shared kitchen area.


WhatsApp Us!

Talk to us about what you look for in a room and we’ll assist you.

Make An Appointment

Be sure to get to your appointment early and let us know if you need to reschedule.

Sign Your Agreement

You can move in after signing the agreement, we’ll pass you the keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Are there any deposits I have to pay?

No, we offer a zero deposit policy for all our units.

FAQ 2: What are the utility charges?

We have smart electric meters for each room so your charges depend on your usage. We also offer free WiFi for all.

FAQ 3: Do you provide maintenance services?

Yes, we do. We have a maintenance team on hand that will help with any repairs you may need.

Still scratching your head?

Contact us and let us help you!