Starting from RM850+, you could have a spacious room and convenient facilities for free.

Zero Deposit Policy

Keep your money as we don’t require any deposits for our accommodations.

Ready To Move-In

Move in whenever you feel like it, as our rooms are always ready for you.

No Commission Fees

If you deal with us directly, you don’t have to pay any commission fees!


WhatsApp Us!

Let us know what rooms you’re looking for and we’ll help you along.

Make An Appointment

Show up to your appointment on time. If you want to reschedule, let us know earlier.

Sign Your Agreement

After signing, get your keys and move in.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Are maintenance services provided?

Yes, we have our own maintenance team so you don’t have to worry about finding a maintenance person.

FAQ 2: Is there a time frame to move in?

No, you can move in whenever you like as long as you have the key and have signed the agreement.

FAQ 3: What are your utility charges like?

In terms of electricity, we have a smart electric meter for each room so it calculates based on individual usage. You will only pay for what you use. We also offer free internet services.


WhatsApp us.