Swing and Pillows Hosts A Charity Event with Good Samaritan Orphanage

Image_LiLLA Summer Retreat

PAHANG, 7 March 2024 – Swing and Pillows hosted a charity event in collaboration with Good Samaritan Orphanage to bring two days of fun and recreation to their kids through a wide variety of activities.

Swing and Pillows aim to spread joy to children in need so they can make fun memories and experience new thrills that may inspire them to lead a positive and productive life. They are treated to a 2D1N stay at LiLLA Summer Retreat @ Bentong, Pahang to experience everything the resort has to offer.

“Hosting this CSR initiative with Good Samaritan Orphanage through Swing and Pillows has been a truly humbling experience. It reinforces our belief that businesses can and should be a force for good, driving positive change and leaving a lasting impact on society,” said Ken Lee, Group Chief Executive Officer.

The activities for their stay include an animal farm feeding tour, a flying fox experience, a treasure hunt and a bonding barbeque session by the pool amongst others. Extra care is given to the children to ensure that they learn and experience new things while having fun during their stay.

Michelle Leow, the Group HR Manager mentions that, “Witnessing the delight and excitement of the children at Good Samaritan Orphanage through their stay at our resort has been truly inspiring. Being able to brighten their day and make a positive impact in their lives is a privilege that we cherish deeply.”

Image_LiLLA Summer Retreat

As a company, Swing and Pillows have continued to expand and innovate the co-living experience in the industry. Each of the rooms in their co-living spaces comes with private bathrooms and fully furnished shared kitchens, laundry areas and common areas. It is a hub of convenience for all.

This is one of the first CSR initiatives for the company this year and we look forward to more moments of giving back to the community as the year progresses.

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